The drawer boy

His character Angus is, in essence, the play's tragic mute. Swain inhabits the role of Morgan with such gusto that he seems almost to yank the story forward.

Whereas the first half of Drawer Boy centers on country-city antipathy, the second half is much more about Morgan and Angus, with Miles serving as a third wheel.

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Thus, The The drawer boy Boy begins as a war between Miles and Morgan, who stand in for their respective territories. Along the way, Healey artfully touches on the tricks of memory and the deceptions that can underpin friendships — he even makes witty use of another story, Hamlet's, to illustrate the maddening search for the truth.

This two act, three actor play is set in Huron County innear a barn theatre in Clinton, just when The Farm show was being developed. It's also inevitable, and laudable, that TPM's Andy McKim, that most "woke" of Toronto's white-male artistic directors, should use the occasion to offer us a Drawer Boy starring a multiracial cast, in a production directed and designed by women.

Photos courtesy of Theatre Passe Muraille. However, the city boy knows nothing about typical workaday farming tasks, such as driving a tractor, milking cows, putting up hay or gathering eggs. Director Domenique Lozano puts the three characters under a microscope in her new TheatreFIRST production of The Drawer Boy, which is perhaps more dependent on bodily gesture than on line-for-line dialogue.

In doing so, he demonstrates the way in which a collective creation appropriated the lives of its subjects and changed their own interpretation of it. The delight that audiences had in hearing and observing their own language and culture was unexpected, and the production proved highly successful.

Miles is there to research their lives and write a play. It would, in fact, destroy their friendship. If you attend HPT's production, you'll likely understand the reason for that statistic. Angus handles the accounts, bakes bread, and looks at the stars on clear nights.

At other times they would sit in parlours with the families, drawing out stories as they looked at wedding albums and family scrapbooks and drank countless cups of tea. It's debatable whether the stars of The Drawer Boy subscribe to method acting or character psychologizing, or the type of anthropological study that Miles attempts in the play.

In more ways than one, this is a coming-of-age experience for him. Healey's play is intensely theme-driven, but Lozano lets her actors take the wheel. But Morgan, instead of being happy, is enraged — for reasons that, we eventually learn, go beyond Miles's use of the story without his permission.

Lauzon delivers an outstanding performance as Angus and Moodie a very good one as Morgan. The two farmers, Morgan and Angus, have achieved a precarious balance in their lives together. You can rent the newly renovated theatre.

The Drawer Boy

Actors would tell the stories they had heard, and would in effect draw a picture of what farming was really like. Plot[ edit ] The Drawer Boy replays the adventures of a young actor from a Toronto theatre group who visits the rural Ontario home of two elderly bachelor farmers to "research" farm life for a new play.

This legendary event in Canadian theatre history, considered to be an artistic milestone, was the brainchild of pioneering director Paul Thompson. He is large and stolid, with slumped shoulders and a face that seems to pinch and tighten, even when he smiles.

When interviewed, many recalled the production as a high point in their theatrical experience. Although their story is not based on actual events from the archives of history, Healey drew inspiration for The Drawer Boy from a watershed theatrical experiment that culminated in The Farm Show, a documentary play.

Come on down to the theatre, sit a spell, and soak up a wonderful story. Morgan cares for Angus, who has brain damage and needs constant reassurance. He is the "drawer boy" of the title, a moniker derived from his love of drawing and design when he was young.

Healey teases out their story gradually. There, Healey encountered many of the original farmers and community members whose stories had inspired The Farm Show.

He wears glasses that hang off the bridge of his nose.Nov 27,  · The multi-award-winning, festival favorite film "The Drawer Boy" premiered to a sold-out crowd in Toronto, and had a lively talkback afterward with filmmakers, cast and crew.

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The Drawer Boy By Michael Healey Jan. 13 - Feb. 4, Directed by Rhonda Clark Full of rich and savvy humor, th is heart-warming story by Michael Healey is a testament to the power of friendship, loyalty and storytelling.

The Drawer Boy

Performances are in Stage Center’s arena theater at W. Sheridan in downtown Oklahoma City. Theatre R.F.D. by Thomas Canfield In The Drawer Boy, playwright Michael Healey weaves a poignant drama about the terrible price of war, the palliative art of storytelling and the therapeutic power of against the rural canvas of an isolated Ontario farm inthe play also chronicles a landmark experiment in Canadian theatre history and its dynamic impact on performers and audiences.

Oct 16,  · Opening night performance of "The Drawer Boy" by Michael Healey at Studio Theatre at the Depot on October 14, Directed by. The Drawer Boy is a play by Michael is a two-act play set in on a farm near Clinton, are only three characters: the farm's two owners, Morgan and Angus, and Miles Potter, a young actor from Toronto doing research for a collectively created theatre piece about farming.

The Drawer Boy, Port Perry, Ontario. likes. Playing October at the Town Hall in Port Perry, Ontario **Presented by** Borelians Community 5/5(1).

The drawer boy
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