School uniforms should not be banned in america

I enjoy the privelege of having a uniform, which is rare in many other places around the world. Brittany, 14 from Tauranga New Zealand Tauranga Gi I think school uniforms should not be abolished because if people wear what they want it can lead to fights and arguments. A school uniform in such circumstances can prove to be a cheaper way of dressing children, and one where the problems alluded to above to not come into play.

Japan should be allowed to have a military instead of only a self-defense force.

Reasons Why School Uniforms Should Be Banned

They are also often required to have their hair cut short. And they may make our school look tidy and resectable.

We don't get treated as clones, but I still dont like it especially the colour, its mingin! When I came to my current school, I had a hard time understanding other peoples' personaities because the uniforms did not show their personalities.

We as students need to express ourselves. Sure, school uniforms allow students to be indentified more easily if they were to become lost during a school trip, or be involved in a crime, but they usually tend to make the student wearing them uncomfortable and forbid expression of one's self.

We may have to wear unforms to work in the future but we should be allowed to be young as long as we're toddlers on up to 18 year olds.

Uniforms are for the REAL workforce. C Linda, Florida I think school uniforms should be abolished because their stupid and there's no point. Grown ups have already taken most of our individuality away, just let us dress the way we want!!!

Of course, many other factors also contribute to the sense of a shared heritage and communal spirit: Abortion is an effective method of birth control. A lot of people believe that purchasing them is expensive, but what has been noticed in the long run is that the overall cost of clothing has drastically reduced thereby easing the expenses of parents in this area.

Uniform is a part of everyday life whether at school and should be kept in place for that purpose. Ravenna Michigan I would never wear a school uniform because, most of the uniforms are UGLY and i like to have my own style my style brings out my personality.

Facts About School Uniforms The debate on school uniforms doesn't seem to end. Christ's Hospital Tudor-style uniforms have stayed more or less the same since As long as people stay decent and really close to dress code, we shouldn't be made to wear some uniform that the school faculty members picked out.

With uniforms also comes a variety of controversies, pros, cons and major legal implications. School Uniforms Allow for Other Forms of Expression School uniforms don't necessarily need to stifle a student's way of expressing their individualism.

Uniforms create a definitive idea of 'us' as opposed to them them being students from other schools. Even though the plaintiff appealed the decision, the Fifth Circuit Court also ruled in favour of the school board after implementing a four-step system that is still used today.

Although up until this point, The Supreme Court has not ruled on a case involving school uniforms directly, in the decision Tinker v. I mean what harm is nail polish doing.

Wearing a school uniform also teaches students respect for authority because it's something they do because they are told to and because it distinguishes them from the teachers -- those whose authority they are under.School Uniforms keep the focus on learning, not clothing Uniforms have a helpful leveling effect in school systems where there is economic diversity.

It can be quite expensive to dress our children.

Facts About School Uniforms

$ per child is not an unreasonable amount spent on each child for back-to-school /  · A school uniform is a uniform worn by students primarily for a school or otherwise educational institution.

They are common in primary and secondary schools in various countries. Although often used interchangeably, there is an important distinction between dress codes and school uniforms: according to scholars such as Nathan Joseph, clothing History · Contemporary · Laws and rulings · Controversies · See High school student are mostly teenager.

When I was in high school I did studied in the school where uniform were mandatory and also studied in the school where uniform were not required. I know how hard it is when there is no uniform requirement.

According to my personal experience, I thin  · Uniform should not be banned at Park Hill Secondary College for the following reasons; It sets a sense of equality between students, students represent their school pride and reputation when out of school boundaries, it allows students to truant easier and lastly because concentration will be on I think school uniforms should be banned!

Uniform should not be banned

Pictures Intro Cost and Comfort Bully Cost Comfort there will be an unsafe environment children will get bullied no matter S]chool uniforms, as a policy and strategy, do not play a role in producing more parental involvement, increased preparedness, positive approaches toward learning, pro-school attitudes, a heightened feeling of school unity and safety, or positive school climates.

School uniforms should not be banned in america
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