Newspaper terms deck

Teaser is a front-page box placed over or below the newspaper masthead. Turning information or data into pictures, graphs or graphics for easier understanding by readers and viewers. Contrast to system software, which is used to run the computer.

A headline stretching across the width of a page, usually at the top. Such billboards Newspaper terms deck also used as pointers to the article in other sections of the publication or site, or as advertisements for the piece in other publication or sites.

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Folio— Newspaper name, date and page number that appear at the top of each page. A technique in television editing to break up a lengthy shot on one subject, to hide a join where footage has been cut or to make a transition between two scenes. Unscripted talking, usually by a broadcaster.

Attitude Acutators The rotation and translation controls have to be hooked up to some mechanism that actually turns the spacecraft. L Layout— 1 A sketch or drawing that indicates the arrangement of pictures and copy on a printed page.

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What Is a Deck in Journalism?

It is set in a point size that is less than the point size used to set the main headline. See also sub head. In broadcasting, they may either be a brief insert into other programming or be presented as a block of short stories within a bulletin.

Contacts are usually sources journalists keep in touch with and approach for information on a regular basis. Her marriage to Mr. Sidebar is a short story related to the main story and run adjacent to it. She had four sisters and one brother. The two main techniques are gimbaling the engine, or using cascade vanes.

A question asked in such a way that it does not imply personal opinion or bias. It is usually funded by taxpayers public broadcasting or advertising commercial broadcasting. In this way, your main engines can serve the dual purpose of getting you places as well as orienting you in combat. Except for fore and aft, so they have to be in pairs balancing at the center of gravity.

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March 12, - Jan. If you have two or more engines that are off-axis, gimbaling can also do a mild roll as well. Old-fashioned term for a trainee journalist. A backgrounder is the story written. Nut-shell paragraphs are used particularly in feature stories see " Feature style " below.

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News style

The deck is a newspaper term for a short article summary that accompanies the headline of an article. The deck is also known as "deck copy," "bank" or "dek." Often seen in newsletters and magazines, the deck is one or more lines of text found between the headline and the body of the article.

Elements of a newspaper

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Police have a suspect in. News style, journalistic style, or news-writing style is the prose style used for news reporting in media such as newspapers, radio and television.

News style

News style encompasses not only vocabulary and sentence structure, but also the way in which stories present the information in terms of relative importance, tone, and intended audience.

The tense used for news style articles is past tense. The following glossary contains more than definitions of terms about journalism and the media - including new media deck: (1) The number of rows in a headline.

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(2) A sub head From the newspaper practice of highlighting an exclusive, breaking news story in .

Newspaper terms deck
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