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No mail, telephone or e-mail exchanges exist between ordinary citizens across the Korean border. The possibility of a nuclear attack, whether by intention, miscalculation, or by accident, could lead to a catastrophe.

This may be a game changer. I lived in Germany for 4 years in the early 90s and speak German. An arms race with new blocs could result, causing inconceivable damage to the global economy.

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The Olympics hosted a record number of countries from both blocs of the Cold War, including the Soviet Union and China. The population of South Korea estimate is about 45, people. The international role of Korea in the past has been severely restrained because the division has discouraged both Koreas from pursuing a more meaningful and active role in the world political arena Shuja, The North Koreans have a million men under arms against the technology and training of 28, American and half a million South Korean troops.

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North Korea has been riddled with scandals and corruption throughout the past few decades. Implications for the Korean Peninsula. Without a doubt, he is much more proactive about creating opportunities for inter-Korean reconciliation. During the Park Chung-Hee administration, hatred towards the North Korean government was promoted in the civilian population.

If significant civil conflict ended quickly or were completely avoided which is doubtfulnew social tensions would emerge from a growing sense of inequality. Since the fall of its military dictatorship in the late s democracy appears to have become increasingly consolidated in South Korea Armstrong, Another milestone took place in There are Western Union locations in just about every neighborhood.

All these factors create a disconsolate citizenry that would push out the regime if given the chance. The annual rate of increase has dropped steadily from more than 3 percent in the late s to 0. United States should support the unification which ultimately provides strategic focus and a long-term policy.

Like said before, a regional nuclear war would be catastrophic globally. It has become a way of life, where all of the necessities such as, employment, food, medical care, housing and place of residence, can be purchased illegally. The policy was questioned especially because of the threats, mass destructions and provocations that North Korea extended to South Korea.

Therefore, the question of Korean unification is perhaps the one that has been discussed most in Korean politics in the last few decades, without a plausible answer. The end of intra- Korean rivalry will make the beginning of a newly established political autonomy.

They are net contributors to their own defence, clearly outclassing the communist half strategically. To identify our company, please write "PaperStore" where the form asks you for our Code City.Italian Unification napoleon and italian unification The Unification of Germany and Italy The Unification of Germany The importance of the Zollverein in the movement for German unification The ways and the results that Bismarck brought about to German Unification Unification of Ancient Egyt Re-unification of North and South Korea The Grand.

Common topics in this essay: Advantages Between North And South in Civil War Difference Between North and South Differences between north and south North VS South Colonies North Vs.

Even though Korean reunification is extremely hard to achieve, there are more advantages than disadvantages after the Korean reunification process.

Three positive effects are expected to occur as results of possible Korean Reunification: more available land and increased military values.

A growing number of policymakers and experts in South Korea, the United States and other countries now presume that the best solution in principle for the North Korean nuclear problem and the larger “Korean issue” is unification, implying a peaceful takeover of the North by the South.

Jan 25,  · North Korean Troops (Getty/Kim Won-Jin) Is a unified Korea possible? North and South Koreans will march under one flag for the winter Olympics. But is full unification possible?

A return to painful sanctions is only a steppingstone toward regime change — er, Korean reunification. Obama won’t say so — but the presidential candidates can, and should.

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