Discrimination and social care essay example

However the advocate needs to make sure they do not start to 5 talk and express themselves through their prospects but rather the individuals.

Defining the Different Types of Discrimination in Health and Social Care

Factors such as this are usually impacted by the people and environment that we are brought up in, whether it comes from our parents, grandparents, older siblings or others that care for us. Some people have said the reason why Northern Ireland was in recession was because of these Migrant Workers.

An employee being fired because they are taking time off to care for their disabled child. For example the Human Rights Act and the Disability Discrimination Actboth address anti-discriminatory practice in different ways by ensuring that individuals are treated with respect and dignity and all there other rights are received 2 when being supported by health and social care settings.

It could be due to a lack of awareness, poor attitudes towards equality and diversity, Discrimination and social care essay example unconscious bias. In general any discriminatory practise is a setting which discriminates in any way against any individual or group involved.

Quick and effective complaint procedure. For example taking student to Auschwitz in Poland to learn the horrifies of the concentration camps rather than reading it from a text book allows them to see how far discrimination went and how it killed up to 4.

For example abuse in any form including discrimination, marginalization and disempowerment. This is discrimination as they are not meeting their needs yet they are meeting the needs of others who are fully abled. In this part of my assignment I have been asked to explain the theories that underpin health and social care practice, analyse how social process impact on users of health and social care services and to evaluate the effectiveness of inter-professional working that are involved with migrant workers.

Emotional Signs of Stress: Harassment and Sexual Harassment The definition of harassment is simple: This helps health and social care workers to understand how inequalities and discrimination feature in the social circumstances of people and in the interaction between service users and health and staff.

Your handbook should include a section that explains the influences of a recent or emerging national policy development on organisational policy with regard to anti-discriminatory practice. Secondly, to meet P3, you need to write a brief report which considers the effects of discrimination on those who use health and care services.

Health status — This can refer to anything from the presence of a disease or condition which leaves the individual at a disadvantage to serious mental health illnesses and issues. This is where multi agency working became more well-known and the every child matters policy was released with all the enquiries of lord laming which mainly consisted of the services working as a team and making sure that the health and social care settings make sure all assessments are done thoroughly.

National policy initiatives National policy initiatives are Laws put together by society rather than the government. This is the reason to prompting ways children have to psychologically overcome the battle of abuse.

Structural- the structural level considers the influences of various social, political and economic factors as the care workers and service users are constantly interacting. This essay, the two pieces of research together with the two summaries, will constitute the 5 pieces of evidence required for your Key Skills portfolio C2.

Age — Someone could discriminate against another for their age either because they are young or old, it means treating someone differently or unfavourably due to their age. Employers have a legal duty to take action and investigate the matter as soon as it comes to their knowledge that discrimination or harassment is taking place in their organisation — whether it be from an employee or a third party.

Principles: Discrimination and Social Care Essay

Religion affects people in many different ways mainly because we all come from different backgrounds and were all taught differently. The holistic approach is used in promoting health to adolescents and children as the following are looked at: Bii Givetwo examples of how you could raise awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion.

Discrimination and Social Care

The Every Child Matters Policy promotes anti 3 discriminatory practice in many ways but the five main aspects are the: There are also specific types that could fall under these categories, such as: In your setting, or at home, you should always be aware of your own stress or other peoples stress and are able to recognise stress in the workplace or outside work.

Being fired because you made a complaint about your boss telling you not to offer support to transgender service users. Northern Ireland employers have been actively recruiting foreign labour to fill vacancies which local citizens have been unwilling to take up.In health and social care we have to recognize a person and even respect everyone choices and identities.

For a person who is being discriminated, to reduce the feeling of powerlessness many times this grief is expressed in aggression or sometimes even criminality.

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An example of overt discrimination that could potentially occur within a health and social care maybe that a member of staff is constantly giving someone less attention and not meeting their needs or even purposely serving them last because they do not agree with their religious beliefs. More Essay Examples on Discrimination Rubric.

I could also add that I am upset and offended by their discriminatory words and actions and that it is unlawful.

Discrimination and Social Care Workers Essay

In a work setting, discrimination can be a disciplinary matter and policies and procedures will be in place to deal with this. For example: In care setting can be described as breaking down barriers, eliminating discrimination and ensuring equal opportunity and access for all groups in all.

For example: In care setting can be described as breaking down barriers, eliminating discrimination and ensuring equal opportunity and access for all groups in all areas, which is supported and protected by legislation.

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Discrimination and social care essay example
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